With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Posted by on Jul 1, 2014 in Thoughts | No Comments

decisions2Being the founder editor of Roseland Online – south central Cornwall’s popular community website – I’m often questioning my own moral compass. I purposely decided not to go down the committee route, something I felt would slow down the editing process of a web based magazine, so the decisions have always lain at my door. But as we’re all different, what gives me the right to make decisions as to what to, or not to publish?

I suppose one could say that as the founder of Roseland Online, I do have some rights, but the magazine has gone on to become such a huge local resource (more than I ever dreamed it would) I do feel a larger responsibility now to be more careful about my decisions than I may have otherwise been in the past.

I’m delighted to now have my new friend, Peter, as co-editor – who, as an ex diplomat, has a sound moral compass himself – so I use him a lot when my conscience is troubled. But as the website now has up to 2,500 readers per day and over 12 feature writers, it’s become quite a local force, so my publishing decisions do cause me concern at times.

I imagine that’s what Spider-Man [’s writers] meant by ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Making sure you second-guess yourself before making a moral judgement on anything. It goes without saying that I’m sure to have let some of the people down some of the time, so more than ever now I find myself returning to that old adage “What would Love do now?” as a guiding principle

Still, like everything in life, there are grey areas, and those are the hardest of all to navigate, and ones that keep me up at night, pondering my own decisions and the results of them. Still, as I said, having Peter there now ain’t ‘arf a comfort. I guess it’s true what they say: when the student’s ready, the master will appear!