Marcello’s Date: In an Italian coastal village in 1949, Marcello Romero, son of a poor fisherman, dreams of the beautiful Elana Gamboccini. His chances of getting a date with her are slim, as his rival, Armond Cessero, is the son of an ice-cream magnate. Nevertheless, Marcello follows the village tradition and tries to find a gift for her father in an attempt to win his daughter’s hand.

Remembering the butcher’s cockerel that wakes Elena’s father every morning, Marcello thinks that he’s found the perfect present. But how is he to obtain a cockerel that no one wants to sell? And even then, at how high a price?

This work is now a major international film, Marcello Marcello.


Book-smA Year of Thoughts & Pictures: This 52 page gallery book has 26 weeks of Mark’s Thoughts combined with 26 weeks of pictures from The Harbour Gallery’s superb artists.

Available to buy through the Harbour Gallery website, this limited edition book can be viewed and purchased online below.

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7 Days & 7 Nights – The Official Biography of The Scary Guy: There is an insidious disease on the planet right now! It has polarized whole sections of communities world wide, and it’s growing relentlessly, threatening to undermine the very strength of every man, woman and child’s right to live their life in true freedom and happiness.


Now people are hungry … for answers. They are in search of a live force to provide them with real guidance for living their life today.

It took one man to change his name and change his ways to reach those in trouble and lead the way for those to come. His sole mission and the very first words he spoke in 1998 when he set forth on his incredible journey, were: “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide!”

Since that day, Scary has worked with over 7 million people worldwide. He is an expert in human behaviour and unique in his capacity to reach all people. The Scary Guy – The most powerful Agent for Change on the planet today!

Scary’s Biography is available to purchase by clicking here.



eloElo & The Pyramid: This short story is one of many free downloadable fables written my Mark for children of all ages. In the series are also The Buddhist & His Apprentice and The Snail Twins.

All three books can be downloaded for free by clicking below:

Elo & The Pyramid

The Buddhist & His Apprentice

The Snail Twins

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