Love And Fear

Posted by on Jan 1, 2014 in Thoughts | No Comments

eloIt’s not often I beg to differ with the Oxford English Dictionary, but in my mind, the opposite of Love isn’t Hate, but Fear. Hate is a result of Fear. And I reckon fear is the one emotion that drives most of the negative stuff we see happening in society… especially the fear of not having enough.

We’re hardwired to ‘look after our clan’, be it friends, family, Country, etc. but I feel true strength resides in avoiding that instinct and instead acting from a position of Love and abundance towards everyone. I once read somewhere that if you’re not sure how to react in any one situation, ask yourself one question; ‘What would Love do now?’

The answer to this question is incredibly powerful. To act with understanding, despite being attacked, with compassion when people are screaming abuse, and with love when the world is raging with anger, is a source of incredible power, not just for the person receiving it, but also for the one bestowing it.

I remember my father, when faced with someone who wanted to rant at him, take the persons hand, shake it warmly and smile. You could just see the person’s anger dissipate through that one simple generous physical connection. Being calm when your instincts are screaming at you to react with fear – to fight or run – gives you an incredibly powerful feeling of control and it reassures others that everything isn’t as bad as they fear it is.

I try as best I can to think of the bigger picture when doing anything and I’m always astonished at how people react when I do. The abundance that comes from it quite literally brings tears to my eyes; as happened three times just this last week alone.

I was showered with small, financially insignificant gifts which meant the world to me because I know the weight of love that was behind them. It was both humbling and heartwarming and it just drives me on to give again and again: love driving love (I wrote a parable about this, which you’re more than welcome to download here for free here).