Listen to Your Own Limitations…?

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in Thoughts | No Comments

differenthatsAs I grow older, it never ceases to amaze me how abundant life can be when we don’t listen to our own limitations. For example, when I was a budding musician and songwriter back in the day, I believed that’s all I wanted to do. I wouldn’t even entertain anything else because that’s how I saw myself.

This unwavering belief in my future made me block any other ideas I had of who I could be, because I believed doing anything else would only ‘water down’ my true potential.

Now, as I look back, I can only smile at my young self. Since changing those views, amongst other things I’ve been a published author and screenplay writer, an award-winning environmentalist and now a successful gallery owner.

This is not to blow my own trumpet, you understand – in truth, quite the opposite – but more for me to at last grasp that once I threw away my own expectations of who I think I am and allowed ‘The Gods’ decide which road I should take, true abundance was easier to attain.

So now whenever I have an idea or smell an opportunity, I throw something at it to see if it’ll stick. Not all of them do, but at least I can walk on knowing I didn’t let an opportunity pass. In short, if a door opens, I’ll certainly take a gander through it!

I’d be interested to hear what one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self if you could, but mine would certainly be… “Don’t ever let the person you think you are determine the person you could be.”