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A wonderful lady who is a great fan of my galleryhumility, came in with two friends the other afternoon. What makes her so special to me is her extraordinary zest for life and enthusiasm for all she sees, despite the ills that are reducing her body to incapacity.

People like her, despite the pain they are enduring and the life-threatening illnesses they’re battling with, who can still radiate warmth and light with every sense of their being, are both enlightening and humbling to me.

We all have our ups and downs, but when someone acts with such dignity when faced with such hardships, I feel a hope for humanity in that. It’s a beautiful gift to the world around them that mere words of gratitude seem inadequate to express.

Someone once told me: if you have pain, be glad you know you’re alive. And if you’re down or sad, be glad you’re blessed with emotions enough to feel that way. In short, we should be grateful at all times for what we have, not what we think we have to endure. And this wonderful lady is one of a few who remind me of that in their very being.

So when I next open my mouth to moan about everything I have, I will remember her. And I hope I’ll have enough respect for what she endures on a daily basis to close my mouth again and instead rejoice in the treasures that life bestows upon me. It’s the best way I can think of to say thank you to her.