Finding Your ‘Source’

Posted by on Apr 6, 2014 in Thoughts | No Comments

conversationsI’m often asked by people who read my Harbour Gallery newsletters if I’m a religious person. The truth is I’m a very spiritual person, but not so much religious. I feel followers of a religion run the risk seeing their guidelines as rules and so often those rules could even become law. Unfortunately rules, by nature, are exclusive and constrictive. Love on the other hand (the root of any religion) is inclusive and free, so I’ve always felt that despite its undeniable import to many people’s lives, there is a possible conflict there.

Call it God, Allah, the universe, whatever your spiritual beliefs (or lack of them) one thing is for sure; when you’re inline with your ‘source’, extraordinary things do happen.

marcellomarcelloI feel my own book and screenplay, Marcello’s Date, came from just such a source. I mean, how could someone with no experience of writing a screenplay, write and award-winning film and book in just 10 days? That’s why I always say Marcello came through me, not from me. Reputedly Paul McCartney dreamt Yesterday and, as he explains in his 7.5 million selling book’s forward, Neale Donald Walsh’s brilliant Conversations With God was a gift, too.

Rather than follow guidelines or rules, I tend to ask myself one question before making decisions of worth these days; What Would Love Do Now? In this exceptionally complicated world, it helps keep me in line with my ‘source’ and in my humble opinion, if something feels right, it probably is.